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Fruits and vegetables directly from the farm

​Special materials

Using ​

​Gentle and delicious for the mind and body

Shaved ice shop.

From producers all over the country, fruits and vegetables in the best conditions that go well with shaved ice

I will have it delivered. Using the ripe fruit that arrived, in a way that suits the material,

Sauces and syrups that bring out the best of the ingredients,

Confiture, sorbet, etc. are made without wasting the material,

By shaving and stacking ice according to the material, season, and temperature

The perfect shaved ice is ready.

We are working hard every day to bring out the deliciousness of the ingredients to the maximum so that our customers can enjoy our delicious food.



Made with carefully selected materials

  Kind to your mind and body

Delicious shaved ice shop

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​Creating space

​ Showa Retro

​somewhat nostalgic atmosphere

We offer shaved ice that will make you feel happy from the first bite♪

Please use it as a healing space with   staff and shaved ice full of hospitality ♪

​ Feel free to come

​A cozy space

Very popular with women

Even one person can come to the store without hesitation ◎

Our store is very popular with women and those who come to Tsukiji.

Very popular with "Kakigora" ◎

Syrups made with seasonal vegetables and fruits

It has a special taste that can only be tasted at our store!

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接客風景2 349 400_3x.png
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​ Mr. Matsumoto

After graduation, sales at new car dealers, used car industry (sales, purchase, auction company), etc.

Worked for about 20 years.

Utilizing his experience in store development and sales promotion support in the car industry, he runs the current store.

In order not to forget the customer's point of view, I also post to each SNS as a gourmet blogger.

​ Regular member of the Japan Food Analysts Association.

(Retty hamburger division second place nationwide, SARAH gourmet award hamburger division judge, etc.)

松本様3 289 216_3x.png

Chef Koizumi

After graduating, he got a job at a major home appliance manufacturer, dispatched human resources, and worked as a corporate consultant.

While raising a child with severe allergies, I used my experience of trying to create a restricted diet or an alternative diet.

Whale dishes and shaved ice menuWe are developing.

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​The shop's thoughts

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In changing circumstances,

"I want to make customers smile!"

I started a shaved ice shop with that feeling.


When I was talking about how I feel relieved and smile when I eat something delicious or sweet, there happened to be a shaved ice lover among the staff...

I started a shaved ice shop.


From the feeling that I want you to come home relieved

The name of the shop is also Kujira no Ouchi.

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グループ 13 570 119_3x.png
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